Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the police department need this very specific equipment?

In today’s society, police departments are being called to respond to the widest variety of social problems imaginable.  Some of these social problems have manifested into incidents we have come to know as “active shooting” situations.  The need to properly and personally equip first responding police officers with rifle grade ballistic armor and communications headsets has never been greater.  These basic protection and communication tools are an absolute must to achieve the safest outcome possible.

What specific equipment is in each emergency response bag?

In each bag, there is an external ballistic vest carrier to hold underarm side profile coverage.  This vest, with full front and back cover, is made with newly designed lightweight rifle grade plates for both the front and back. Also included is a low profile headset which directly connects to our portable radios and provides enhanced radio connectivity and protection for gun shots.  Additionally, a rifle grade ballistic helmet and ballistic eye protection are included. All of this equipment is fitted to the individual officer and contained in one bag.


Will each officer be assigned their own emergency response bag, and why?

Yes, to expedite the availability and wearing of the equipment, each officer must be both in possession of and have personally fitted each item for proper wear, use and coverage.  There is simply no way to functionally exchange the equipment from shift to shift.

Who are the funding partners for this overall project?

This project is being uniquely funded via a three pronged and collaborative partnership between the Greenwood Village Police Foundation, the City of Greenwood Village and The Greenwood Village Police Forfeiture Fund.  The City of Greenwood Village has committed to the ongoing costs of purchasing additional equipment for any additional officers added to the police department.

What will happen to the equipment if an officer retires or leaves the department?

The equipment will all be collected, cleaned and then refitted for the new officer it will be assigned to.  The City of Greenwood Village has committed to any repair costs for any damaged equipment.

How can I sponsor an emergency response bag for an officer, and what is the cost?

The cost to provide a complete emergency response bag for an officer is $1,950. To make a donation, simply click on the Donate Now button on the Greenwood Village Police Foundation website

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, the Greenwood Village Police Foundation is a tax exempt entity and classified as a 501(c)(3)


The Greenwood Village Police Foundation wants to express its sincere gratitude to everyone involved in this community project.

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