Health and Well Being

Illness & Bereavement

Our officers serve the community each and every day with the utmost care and compassion for each citizen and their safety. GVPF strives to return that same dedication to our staff in their time of need – whether to support a serious illness or provide aid to families coping with a line of duty death.

Scholarships & Training

GVPF understands the value of developing and cultivating the skills of our current workforce as well as the next generation of officers. The foundation will provide ongoing support to personnel in skill building and innovation while also providing scholarships for promising new talent.

Request or Nomination Form:

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*Any appropriation is subject to available funds and approval by Greenwood Village Police Foundation Board of Directors. Any Foundation award will be made in the sole determination and discretion of the Foundation Board of Directors, in compliance with its conflict of interest policy, and will not be made or denied on the basis of religion, race, age, national origin, gender or sexual orientation.

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